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Awakening Here and Now​

What is enlightenment? How does it happen? In this six-week online course, Haemin Sunim maps out a clear, direct path to awakening. Through traditional koan practice and insights from his personal experience, Haemin Sunim will guide you toward a glimpse of awakened nature.

Course Overview

Awakening is the goal of the Buddhist path. And yet the exact nature of this awakening is unclear to most of us. Years can be spent seeking and practicing without a clear idea of what we are trying to achieve. But this needn't be the case. We can develop a clearer understanding of enlightenment and the practices that lead us there. We can learn to discern between the many pleasant, profound experiences we may encounter on this path and a genuine enlightenment experience. This knowledge is what the Buddha referred to as right view, and developing it is the most helpful factor in our own journey to awaken.

This practical online course will give you the benefit of the insights Haemin Sunim has realized through his own search for spiritual enlightenment. He will share his own experiences candidly and offer instruction in the koan practices that enabled him to break through doubt and confusion to see the world differently. In each unit, Haemin Sunim will guide you through a metaphor commonly used to describe awakening and point out the truth behind it. Having set the proper direction for practice, Haemin Sunim will guide you through practices, reflections, and inquiries that will deepen your experience of the path.

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